13 Sep 2019

if you watch a river from its beginning (mostly in the mountains) where it seems to birth its way seemingly out of nothing to the "end of its way" in oceans or lakes you can´t but draw some parallels to the planets journey and probably to your own.

it´s an endless cycle...

11 Sep 2019

how do we know that a shift is happening?

in individual life we start to experience situations where we get stuck with our habitual strategies to deal with a situation/encounter. 

these strategies simply don´t work any more.

besides: our awareness and sensitivity are inc...

10 Sep 2019

#paradigmShift is occurring if we want to take notice of it or not. our views of the world and what it means for life on earth are changing.

though there is a lot of resistance towards change - and the conflicts we can see on the planet are a hint that an old paradigm...

5 Sep 2019

#whitespace if you are facing a catch 22 (e.g. like #Brexit) you can´t solve "the riddle" by logic. actually it´s a pointer that you might have asked either the wrong question/s or dealing with the wrong issue/s at all. maybe you need to go back to the starting line an...

3 Sep 2019

#paradigmShift there is this argument "that crisis is inherent to capitalism". actually it´s true but you have2consider the basic intention this view is based upon. 

some assumptions: when listening to the undercurrent of this view it will show that it will/(wants to)...

26 Feb 2019

#paradigmShift #simplicity and #complexity seem2be contradictory issues. life is increasingly complex and a simple view on the manifestations of life can create an overwhelmingly frustrating feeling of helplessness. you quickly get/feel stuck. on the oth...

26 Feb 2019

.....you don´t believe what you see! 

#paradigmShift we are living in times where the search for truth is obstructed by the pretense of #truth. most of us struggle w/ what2believe and how2find out. #Dare2GetRealNOW!

in essence you see the world as a reflection...

23 Feb 2019

when - during childhood - people have learned to supress their anger (actually having been forced to suppress it!) this does not mean that anger dissapears. it will be stored in ones physical body, it will shape the form of muscles and thoughts/mindset. there will be a...

16 Dec 2018

The most remarkable moment in President Moon Jae-in’s visit to Pyongyang was his speech before 15 thousand North Korean citizens gathered in the massive May Day Stadium. The enthusiasm that radiated from this massive crowd was startling in its intensity and President M...

16 Dec 2018




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