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#paradigmShift: How2deal w/ ambivalence, insecurity & turmoil? part 1

#paradigmShift:our planet is (still) in a state of conflict that seems2disguise the emerging consciousness on a global level. #emergence

#paradigmShift:there seem2be contradictory forces at play around the globe.can u,nevertheless, experience an emerging new #reality

within u?

the times we live in seem to be characterized by an increasing outbreak of conflict and turmoil. people seem to be overwhelmed by insecurity. anger and aggression are on the rise starting on individual levels.

one of the main questions in conversations seems to be "How to overpower my talking "partner"? How to be right?

it seems to be hard to find a common ground for communication. years ago it has been quite easy to explain the world. connecting the dots was an easy task: 1 + 1 equaled 2. EASY!

This is about to change.

1 + 1 doesn´t equal 2 anymore, contrary it leads you to quantum physics.

on the level of quantum physics there is no right or wrong. past argumentative strategies loose validity. a lot more not only seems to be possible but never known potential is entering the realm of manifestation, the realm of daily life.

from the beginning of humanity unknown aspects always have been met at best with scepticism at worst with resistance and aggression.

the reason why?

emerging but still unknown aspects challenge individuals as well as societies and organizations to inquire their understanding of identity, their basic assumptions about reality and life. usually these questions are hidden in ones subconsciousness in form of guiding principals/concepts.

as long as you are not aware of these principals/concepts you won´t have deliberate access to your life. you are lead by your subconsciousness.

hypothesis: in essence this is the reason for the turmoil(which is an interpretation of reality! and needs not be true!!!) that you observe on the planet and probably in your personal life right now. turmoil stirs up obsolete identities and structures. it´s a hint to find new ways in how to let reality unfold!

the challenge: do you want to stay attached to the obsolete and hence keep living in fear or do you want to go with the flow of life and hence get connected with the love of your life: YOU!


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