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  • by Christian Wolf/White Space

#paradigmShift: #backlash as evolutionary necessity!

#paradigmShift:from time2time #backlash is necessary2adapt individual minds&societal dynamics2new conditions.

#paradigmShift:#backlash is similar2 #retrograde in astrology. nobody likes it but it points u2look closer2unseen issues. #emergence

#backlash experience: when you have the feeling that you are overtaking life and everthing is running your way/your expectations and all of a sudden reality seems to strike back and (seemingly) your daily life comes to a halt.

probably you get angry when life is acting out differently to your expectations. you feel stuck and start trying even harder. at least

that´s what your mind/Ego will propose to you which is pretty common in Western societies. you may also experience that this turns out to be an unfeasable strategy.

when people read about #retrograde in astrological charts they, too, get an unpleasant feeling because they mentally interpret #retrograde as a "falling out of flow!". contrary to that #retrograde is about taking a closer look to yet unseen issues in your life. a #retrograde wants to point you to the fact that you can´t move on in life with unsolved baggage. it tells you that some more sophistication is necessary for you to grow and thrive. YOU may not like this but LIFE knows that you need to do some more inquiry about limiting beliefs.

background understanding/hypothesis: life moves in circles. every circle has a challenge/task/goal for you to fullfill. in case you miss the challenge life gives you another round in a new circle, intensity increased! this is to confront you with issues you prefered to hide from. it´s about bringing light to your inner cosmos. it´s about you to evolve to your potential and purpose.

it´s pretty much the same with political #retrograde/#backlash. on a large scale, though, lots of people might have to suffer from political #backlashes. but, nevertheless, we have to understand that #evolution has it´s own ways to move through history and human life. for the individual human mind this seems hard to comprehend because minds/Egos tend to interpret #backlashes as obstacles.

it feels like moving backwards.

but in reality it´s just another circle that wants a society to look at uninquired issues, to deal with the shadow that is part of individual and societal development.

#backlashes are adaption processes that want to build stable ground in order to move foward by having integrated shadow and limitations.

by integrating you improve your funtamental understanding about yourself and life: and what they are about!

seeing it this way a #backlash is a necessary integrative part of life.

so: do you Dare2GetRealNOW when facing a #backlash?

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