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The meaning of life or what you think about it[as compared to Monthy Pythons ;-) ]!

Why do you think/sense/know that you as an individual are here on planet earth?

To be perfectly honest I don’t know. For me it is a continuous form of dialogue, a form of ongoing enquiry, of attuning to the relationships that enter my life. In a way I think that all any of us can answer to that is “To be truly Human”, to give expression to this wonderful existence we call life in the most authentic fashion aligned to our Human Nature.

The way I experience it is that at any given moment (time/space) I am in relationship, whether that is in my role as a Mother, a Wife, a Sister, a Daughter, as a Friend, Colleague, Companion or as a Member of Society, Culture, or Nature, etc. Each of these Relationships evokes a different response from me, that appear as In-Tentions emerging from the Co-creative energy that is shared in mutual exchange.

So I say, I do not know the answer, because it is different depending on my relationships, past, present and future. This is extremely liberating because it provides space, growth, and no expectations, BUT it also requires a tremendous level of Trust in Life and all participants of Life. I guess the most complete and yet ambiguous answer I can give is that I am here to be the best possible Human version of me in relations to those I have the blessing of meeting, and to abide by the will of Life as a whole.

What is it that makes your life worthwhile?

My Love for Humanity, I have a very deep reverence for the incredible complexity of Human Beings, and their ability to express in infinite variety and diversity, the nature of one species.

The potential that Humanity holds is gloriously immense, there is no other living being that expresses the universe and its life with such a capacity of Free Will. Yes, Humanity is capable of great atrocity, folly, destruction, selfishness and cruelty in every realm of life, but it has also proven to have an even greater capacity for good, for beauty, compassion, altruism and love.

When I witness the flourishing of this amazing propensity for good, in people around me, in the world, in the darkest recesses of society, under some of the most challenging conditions, and against all odds; I know life is worth every breath I am given to fill the roles of Guardianship, Stewardship, Conductorship and Citizenship in service to Humanity and Life.

“Humanity’s gloriously complex and diverse potential for good is worth tending to, through facilitating an organic ecosystem to nurture, protect and sustain meaning, well-being, abundance and worth.”

What do you want to manifest in your life?

I think I would turn this question around, it is not about my will, what I want, what I deem important. I would ask “what is it that Life wants to manifest through me?” what is it that Life requires of me to facilitate, enable, to give expression to, in my unique way that no other Human Being can accomplish in the same manner on its behalf. I am ill equipped to state what I want, for I am blind to my own potential (we all are), and I am incapable in my finite capacity to comprehend the Infinite creativity of Life (as much as we might like to think otherwise), it would be both a disservice to Life and to my own Humanity to impose what I want. I think this is where a lot of deep sensed missed opportunity happens, and an inescapable misalignment is born in many people. Have you noticed that all those who were so intent on getting to the moon found themselves so immersed in getting to space that when they glimpsed a view of Earth the impact was so intense and confrontational, so impactful and unexpected, that to date those who have been still talk about that, above all other experiences. They reflect on this with a certain emotion of regret and guilt even, that is stated in their admission that it was not until then that they truly fell in love with their Home, and realized what they had so taken for granted and been blind to even on their journey to space. We Want so much, when all Life needs is for us to fall in Love with it and all that it creates for our benefit. If I can give a “Yes” to Life’s request, if I can embrace that which Life needs me for, if I can entrust my destiny to the immense creative power of Life then I hope I am manifesting not what I want, but what I and Life need. And as anyone who is in Love it can not be constrained, in needs to share, it needs to pass from one to another.

So my current reality is to create space to allow this to emerge, which is the Intention behind my work.

What does it mean for you to be present?

For me the root of presence is wholeness, a form of convergence in the here and now. When we consciously observe that convergence we are present, present to the parts, the whole, the relationships and the integrative potential of what is. Being present implies that we acknowledge the intrinsic wholeness inherent in life, while also perceiving that increased wholeness can be facilitated to emerge through our awareness and attention to it. Like electricity conductors we constrain, create resistance or facilitate the flow of energy, we do this whether we are conscious of it or not. The difference is that presence makes us aware and attentive to this propensity and enables us to consciously influence the quality of energy flow at any given time, especially in contexts of constraint or resistance. In other words we are capacitated to deliberately increase the conductivity of the conduit. It requires a continuous dialogue of curious enquiry, it asks a vulnerable disposition of compassionate integrity, it requires a genuine sense of courageous awareness of self, others and context, it requires the patient acceptance of contemplative wisdom, it demands a wholehearted promise of committed engagement, and it needs full alignment of communicative interaction.

What is your understanding of success in life?

To be able to accept Life, to be able to ascribe meaning to Life and to one’s own individual existence within it. To be able to say when we expire our last breath, I have no regrets, I have left nothing undone, I have given it everything I had and found more, I am enough.

This does not mean we do not make mistakes, that we do not hurt others on our way, or that we do not neglect our responsibilities or over indulge in our fancies. It means accepting and cherishing the imperfections of our Human Nature, it means deeply forgiving our past every single day, it means genuinely striving to heal the future consequences, and it means carrying a deep gratitude for everything and everyone that has been part of making us who we are today, painful and beautiful alike.

Success is the ability to stand face to face with yourself stripped of all your achievements, all your altruism, all your skills, attributes, contributions etc. and genuinely feel you are worthy of Life simply for being Authentically Human.

Which issues keep you up at night?(not because you worry about them but because you want to gain deeper knowledge/knowing about them!)

The same things that makes my life worth living, Humanity is deep and vast. We are discovering the frontiers of Space, exploring the natural world around us with its deepest oceans to the highest peaks, from arid deserts, inhospitable ice tundras to impenetrable jungles. Have command over virtually every substance, natural or engineered in our known environment, catalogue and study the complex ecology of flaura and fauna that inhabit the amazingly rare planet we call Earth. Yet our understanding of our Humanity, individually, collectively, and indeed as a species is woefully infantile, by comparison. We suffer a collective Trauma of Meaninglessness, we are painfully struggling to understand our part in the tapestry of Life, lost as if at sea desperate to find our bearing in a tumultuous storm we did not notice engulfing us. It is being witness to this reality, this collective bewilderment, and this frantic fighting for our limited understanding of Life, hoping that human beings learn, to Trust Life to show us our place, to let go of its imposition on what Life should or ought to be, to simply stop fighting their own Human Nature.

Mieke Byerley is referring herself to as a Neo-Generalist spanning a wide variety of interests and disciplines, with a central focus on Humanity.

In 2015 Biomimetic Clockworx emerged as a response to her personal relationship with Humanity, it is the home of the HCO3 Scaffold, which is a #paradigmShift in understanding organizations in accordance with Human Nature.

Her professional approach:

Providing people with unorthodox and authentic human solutions and experiences, that enable meaningful connections, collaboration and generosity, by striving to learn, appreciate and connect directly with people intuitively, co-intelligently and perceptively with integrity.


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