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#perspectives of #paradigmShift pt2

how do we know that a shift is happening?

in individual life we start to experience situations where we get stuck with our habitual strategies to deal with a situation/encounter.

these strategies simply don´t work any more.

besides: our awareness and sensitivity are increasing which leads to a hightend sensiility about our startegies/reflexes to be authentic or based on fear to cover up our insecurities.

in essence: we have to do our inner work in order to change our strategies and the way we encounter life from now on.

a shift is like two rivers meeting to merge into a new one. for some time both rivers flow beside each other and slowly merge into one. the merging is accompanied by some turbulent/chaotic phases when the two rivers are getting closer to each other - and finally become one.

this translates to the dualities of life which create tension when meeting new aspects which at first glance seem to be incomprehensible for the traditional way of thinking but emerge in this field of tension to use it as

leverage for an update of perception.

some hints about #paradigmShift which one can meditate about:

when art meets economic concepts

when authenticity meets the mask of fear

when playfulness meets seriousness

when economic concepts meet natural limitations

when matter meets quantum physics

when silence meets white noise

when presence meets time&space

#whitespace: walking the bridge to your future

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