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if you watch a river from its beginning (mostly in the mountains) where it seems to birth its way seemingly out of nothing to the "end of its way" in oceans or lakes you can´t but draw some parallels to the planets journey and probably to your own.

it´s an endless cycle that is characterized by different stages and phases starting out of nothing ending into the grand open and back to nothing.

when you explore this cycle from the viewpoint of the #paradigmShift that we are experiencing in this point in time and history you may realize some important core lessons.

a closer look:

shifts occur like two rivers merging. for a certain time they move along as separate rivers and you can see this when observing two different colours of water flowing in the same riverbed.

the next phase is when the merging starts there will arise some turbulences(favoured by Kajakers ;-) ). the water gets rough, lots of "dirt" is swirled up and the colours of the river start to merge into one.

if you translate "dirt" into obsolete conceptual templates that need to be stirred up in order to create space for new mindsets and structures....... you get the idea.........

phase three: the intensity of the water becomes smoother and slows down, probably the river gets broader and is heading for the ocean. duality shifting into oneness.

phase four: what is going on between the waterdrops/rivers when leaving the ocean and starting anew at the well keeps to be unseen and open to suggestions. (leaving scientific explanations aside for the moment!).

can you see any difference to your life´s journey? or what the planet is going through right NOW?

#whitespace walking the bridge2your future

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