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What happens if Western civilization sits on the couch in a psychiatrist’s office? This is the brilliant premise of this new book by Dr. Nicholas Beecroft. It contains some of the richest dialogue I have read about a journey towards conscious evolution in easy to understand language. The author leaves no stone unturned in this rich illumination of every possible issue that faces Western civilization today. Dr. Beecroft uses the value systems approach to carry home the point of his message. This was a developmental model that was introduced by Dr. Clare Graves and further developed by Dr. Don E. Beck through his Spiral Dynamics Integral theory. At one point this approach was called “the theory that explains everything”, and the author succeeds handedly in explaining everything that ails the West. Page after page, the reader comes to understand that West is not unlike the metaphorical god Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is struggling with his own identity and is confronted with daily challenges to the values that make up the very ideals of Western culture.

The subjects of discourse range from issues of sexuality, science, and medicine and on to social psychology issues like the real meaning of patriotism, democracy and global governance. I couldn’t help but notice the expansion of my own mind reading these sessions between the patient and the healer. Many years ago, Graves told the world that humanity was preparing for a momentous leap. In this rich and timely book, Dr. Beecroft’s treatment of West has left no doubt in my mind that the momentous leap is upon us.

This whole systems approach to understanding who we are as humans is the only way for us to move forward in a world that is increasingly becoming a global family with a diverse and rich tapestry of inclusion.

(Amazon-)Review by Said E. Dawlabani

Dr. Nicholas Beecroft is founder and CEO of Future of Western Civilization Series 1


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