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Tweet Collection #paradigmshift: Best of 3

#paradigmshift: can u see yr life as a piece of music:the sound may change.rock´n´roll, blues, jazz, classical:gets intense this way #selfmanagement

#paradigmshift:we still dont see beliefs as tools for certain times in life which loose validity when times change.

#paradigmshift:ru still beleiving in security of external structures?what if u let go of this illusion?

#paradigmshift:what we need2learn as humanity is2understand how energyflow works in relation2 #consciousness

#paradigmshift:linear thinking is probably the most energy-exhausting tasks that u can "perform".life is #space!

#paradigmshift:male&femaile energy r not related2gender or body though u can feel them.they r tools of life2create.

#paradigmshift:it´s not the sky that´s the limit but yr linear thinking! the sky is a hint2break through that limit!

#paradigmshift:when reality challenges our image of identiy we tend2react w/ resistance.instead of going opposite!

#paradigmshift #leadership:interpreting impulses as obstacles is a sign that yr mind faces a limitation in his #beliefsystem!

#paradigmshift:when masculine energy meets beauty&merges w/ it it gets creative&playful w/ limitations. Adventures!

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