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#paradigmshift #distraction a sure way in2 sleepwalking though most people expect it2experience opposite. Get Real!

did you ever feel alive when "talking"2yr smartphone when being in conversation w/ somebody you like? how does it feel after the conversation?

lots of people hope! that distracting from the moment will give them a feeling of aliveness. actually the idea behind is that this moment is an obstacle that has2be overcome2reach fullfilment/aliveness/success/.......

think it over:

do you need drugs/casinos/adultery/shopping/

(over-)eating/any addiction you can imagine/..... to become alive?

Facing it: the spark of life is deep inside you though you might not be able to feel it.

in order to feel it you have2transform your mental distractions.

Probably that´s what is going2make you feel ALIVE again!

question2answer: DO YOU WANT TO GET ALIVE?

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