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#paradigmshift #rational thinking

#‎paradigmshift‬:most people cant think at all!

at all!!!!!

just protecting their interest&identity.

on the one hand it´s funny2watch on the other hand it´s sad2experience:

most people can´t think. and this is not a question of education or social status! it´s a question of yr understanding of your identity! a question of who you are!

taking a closer look it comes down to what you believe about the world. do you beliebe in lack and/or separartion or are you aware of the world as whole and abundant! that´s it. it´s not a matter of your bank account.

the consequence about your beliefs leads2communcation/encounters that matter/s.......or not.

most people mix up their thinking w/ their identity. this is the beginning of defense and hostility bec for most people this illusion leads2the necessity to being right.

Get Real!

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