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#paradigmshift #reality check

Goethes sorcerer's apprentice is a perfect metaphor for a world attached2it´s mind. the broom is out of control&we are waiting for the magican2enter!

Human beings as apprentices are playing around w/ uninquired mindsets thinking that we r in control about the outcome. Not knowing that the tools(brooms) we think are utilizing for our common and individual good are easy2navigate.

far from the truth!

and now we are waiting for the magican(deus ex machina aka consciousness/gof/life/Tao/Gandalf/Dumbledoor/.....)2enter the stage of life2help us out of misery.

I guess that´s the stage every apprentice has2go through2learn how real magic works. Says a lot of the developmental stage of mankind.

quick learning may be of some help!?

Get Real!

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