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#navigating #paradimshift: poetry & compassion

systems thinking needs compassion2work!

#paradigmshift:2understand #complexit& #systemicthinking not only w/ mind listen2poetry gives u ideas about essence

#paradigmshift: #poetry adds compassion2the maps of feedback loops&makes life2be felt in yr core.

#paradigmshift needs #compassion&connection2life2work! understanding#systemsthinking on a factual level doesnt work well

on the one hand: in order2explain diagrams are a helpful tool.

on the other hand: diagrams/graphs/feedback loops/stats/......are aiming for a rational understanding of mutual interactions.

look around in your world and answer yourself the question how efficient in transforming obsolete structures these tools are?

depending on your way of perception and mental conditioning it might be easy2understand them.

does this trigger you2act in a response-able way?

most managers I know miss deeper connections2life. their mind works pretty much the same all over the world. contitioned robots.

not only managers but everyday people, too have a hard time2understand poetry. why? because it´s the silent voice of your soul (though in times this voice shouts out quite loud!).

this silent voice can open the door2your compassionate being that already is within you (but not heard yet).

and being that compassionate voice understanding diagrams et al will get a completely different current and energy.

Dare2Get Real!

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