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#navigating #paradigmshift: #distractions

smartphones are a means2distract yourself from life!

#paradigmshift:funny watching people use their mobiles primarily2distract themselves from present moment.

#paradigmshift:when taking away somebodys mobile people start getting nervous.nothing2hide any more

#paradigmshift: beside its practical use a smartphone is a means2withdraw from life.waiting for the next excitement2pass by!

if you want2have fun simply watch people use their smartphones. there is a lot2learn! you get2know people from a different angle. you can see the energetic level they are at.

or: watch yourself when getting insecure. how is the use and focus of yr phone changing in this very moment?

are you hopeing that somebody calls you when feeling trapped or overwhelmed by your present encounter?

do you pretend2desperately need2call somebody when not knowing how2continue a conversation?

notice the difference in atmosphere when your mobile is on the table and when it´s not.

in most cases you will notive that you but your mobile on the table for a special reason (which is not a special call that you are expecting!)

well, some thoughts2inquire in order2GetReal!

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