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#navigating #paradigmshift: #concepts

#concepts are the basic principles of our minds. are you aware?

#paradigmshift: having the inquisitive #mindset of an explorer is a helpful trait2flow w/ emerging new realities!

#paradigmshift:life is meant2be a process of opening2continuous new realities. only blocked by our contitioned minds

#paradigmshift:our minds r conceptualized tools in order2decieve us from deeper reality.Lets GetReal&live our truth!all else is boring.

in most cases of every day life we are not aware that our minds and perception is limited by our uninquired assumptions about life. we have no idea what we DONT see in a given moment.

deceiving ourselves from reality is one of the most common habits we unconsciously are involved in.

we prefer concepts as a tool2explain reality, to give us the impression that we know what is true. result: we end up further from the truth, sleepwalking! probably that´s the reason why these living dead/zombie-movies are quite popular.

mirroring ourselves!

but: concepts are not life! they exclude life!

no matter if we want it or not life will force us2GetReal & live our truth!

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