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#navigating #paradigmshift: #deadend

maybe #deadends make u frustrated but! actually they want2show u hidden beliefs!

#paradigmshift:when u start up inspired&find yrself stuck in dead end this is a hint2inquire unconscious limitations

#paradigmshift:when stuck in a dead end observe yr emotional reactions.then u know the reason why ur stuck!

#paradigmshift: a dead end brings all yr limitation2light.otherwise u wont know whats going on within u!#leadership

so far I have never met somebody who likes dead ends. how about you?

feeling stuck is an uncomfortable feeling if a hiddwen belief makes you experience this feeling that way. actually it´s a dooropener that helps you2see a hidden landscape that is waiting2be discovered.

#deadends are a perfect means2give you the chance2look closer. if you have the courage2get silent and observe the emotional chain rection that is accompanied with a #deadend you will get a clue what is holding you back.

it´may seem that outer circumstances are the obstacles2your inspirations but actually its a limiting belief.

.......and that´s the reason why you need #deadends!

As always: Dare2GetReal & live yr truth!

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