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#navigating #paradigmshift: unintended consequences

narrow mindset leads2unintended consequences!

#paradigmshift:there r no unintended consequences! yr mind just cant retrace certain cause/effect relations!

#paradigmshift:#systemsthinking gives u a hint that u will have2face unintended consequences. what does this mean for u? #selfmanagement

#paradigmshift: what does the existence of unintended consequences mean for yr decision making process? #leadership

#systemsthinking may call it #unintended consequences.

looking deeper you might detect that your current mindset is not able2understand the deep ramifications that you decisions/actions/.... have on yourself, on your surrounding, on the planet. these consequences can´t be avoided as long as you believe in your basic assumptions about life, about your identity and how deeper levels of reality interact with your individual and societal consciousness.

getting a clearer picture about this interaction is the challenge we face as individuals as well as society!

As always: Dont forget2GetReal!

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