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#navigating #paradigmshift: #meditation 1

#meditation as a means2penetrate reality!

#meditation can show u what life/yr soul/tao/god/consciousness/….. really wants from u. u just have2listen deeply.

#meditation can make u sensitive2subtle currents that r moving beyond yr habitual, daily thinking #paradigmshift

#meditation shows u that ur not only body&thoughts but that ur connected2a universe of consciousness #paradigmshift

#meditation:yr habitual thinking(noise in yr head) prohibits that u take notice of the deeper being that ur.

#meditation:as long as u believe the (linear)thinking in yr head u live in the illusion about who ur.#paradigmshift #mindgames

For most people meditation means sitting on a cushion, getting silent(trying2get silent!) and having the goal2reduce stress. During sitting on this cushion they want (metaphorically speaking) the sun2shine and have(so2speak) a good time. They get quite frightend when they experience „negative“ feelings. People w/ this kind of attitude wont be commited to meditation for very long.

As always: Dare2GetReal & live yr truth

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