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#navigating #paradigmshift: #meditation 2

#meditation as a tool2understand reality

#meditation brings yr awareness back2presence. from distraction by thought2awareness of being! #transformation

#meditation is not only sitting on a cushion in an upright position but every moment of being alive! #transformation

#meditation lets u now that yr mnd is a tool that needs loving training2become a valuable GPS. #transformation

#meditation can help u2get a sophisticated view on reality&step out of the illusion of who you are! #transformation

#meditation can support you in recognizing that there is mind and there is being. most people are driven by the dynamics of their mind patterns not knowing what actually is going on in their lives. as a consequence they are avoiding everything that feels negative. this means excluding large parts of your unconscious life and thus missing chances2consciouls consider how2create their lives in an authentic way.

in a deep sense people are avoiding themselves. meditation can help you2GetReal!

As always: Dare2GetReal & live yr truth

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