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#navigating #paradigmshift: #meditation 3

#meditation is the microscope2the origins of reality (and all the layers that are piling up2block the truth)

#meditation gives u alleviation from the addiction2thinking. breaks the habit2stay in prison of mind.#transformation

#selfrealization takes all the courage u have&leads u into the realms of mystery of life deeply conditioned within u

#meditation: #silence transcends everything, it heals everything&leads u2the basic principle of yr life:LOVE.

how do we know that we know? do we know when we learn by heart that 1 plus 1 is 2? do we really know or does our mind tell us this truth? if we do know or if we dont in essence is a matter of the state of our perception, of the subtleties of our perception. consodering this most people dont know at all, just repeating patterns that society has taught them.

when you start committing2meditation u will experience that your perception is getting subtler with time and you can feel that you start to know what is real. chances are that this knowledge will change over time due2depth of insight and to the quality of the silence you are experiencing.

one moment of silence will completely change your understanding of life and of your identity. if you are serious you cant stap back2a thought based life any more.

As always: Dare2GetReal & live your truth!

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