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#navigating #paradigmshift: #thinking thoughts?!

as long as you are not aware of your thinking process you are lost!

#paradigmshift:for most people their way of thinking is a function of unresolved emotional issues.defending fear!

#paradigmshift:learning2think means2be ready2face yrself in clarity.otherwise thoughts r pretty meaningless.

#paradigmshift:thoughts r nice2observe. u dont need2believe them.challenge is2learn how2discern substantial ones!

hypothesis: for most people their thinking process is undiscovered landscape! they are not aware how they think and why they think what they think. they just believe their thoughts and act accordingly.

observing your thoughts may lead you2the recognition that there are certain #mindpatterns that show up in repeating ways every day. taking a closer look you might realize that you are a computer that simply works on ENTER/REACT!

and actually you are! if you rely on your thoughts you may find that you are a CAUSE/EFFECT machine.

you act no matter what reality is showing you as feedback, no matter if your re-/actions make sense in given situations.

considering this your task is2bring in sensibility into your thought processes, discover that beyond your thoughts there is a realm which represents an intelligence that is capable2cover reality in a depth your thoughts cannot even come close to.

as always: Dare2GetReal & live your truth!

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