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#‎paradigmshift‬:"could not have been foreseen!" - the most common managerial excuse when crisis hits! ‪#‎leadership‬

actually this is true(at least to a certain extent!).


observing the mindset of some leaders they actually are not able to think outside their box. thought through this aspect they are hard to convince to facts or to an emerging reality because they simply miss sense perception.

most managers I know miss connection to their bodies and are not even aware of this.

why would this be of importance?

because your body is your feedbacksystem when it comes to determine if a situation feels coherent.

this cant be done by your thoughts!

in essence if you come to the "conclusion" that development could not have been foreseen this could be a hint to become an artist! it´s the artists job to foresee!

why not see you job as leader/manager as art!

sooo: Dare2GetReal!

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