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#navigating #paradigmshift: #control

periods of #transition!

#paradigmshift:controlling other people seems2be quite awesome&it may lift yr selfconfidence.but there wont be love!

our world is in #transition but we are barely aware what this exactely means. periods of #transition are accompanied by turmoil because transition means that obsolete patterns fight for survival as long as new patterns did not manifest in daily life.

new narratives have to be accepted to create a tipping point of no return.

what we see now is that on the one hand lots of powerstruggle aiming to keep up material interests and to maintain powerposition in political and economic(most often in combination!)realms.

The feeling of being in power at first glance seems to be quite desirable beause it gives you the feeling of strength and supremacy. a closer look may uncover that this is just a superficial emotion that separates deeper levels of your being from your conceptual thinking. in our societiy a concept of supremacy may still be associated with success and credibility.

well, as mentioned: it´s a construct!

what is missing in this equation are aspects of love, presence, consciousness, mindfullness.

actually people involved in powerstruggle are trying to hide their inner void by distracting themselves with attachment to power no matter what consequences to environment and humankind(talking in a large scale now!).

in essence our political and economic structures are created out of this void that people try to a-void feeling(actually this is an extremely uncomfortable feeling.)

is this void real? to a certain extent yes as long as you are attachted to the belief that life is about separation and not about abundance and being connected.

......... TO EXPLORE!?

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr truth!

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