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#navigating #paradigmshift: #evolution

how does #evolution work?

a caterpillar if asked2consciously change2a butterfly will reject this intention. so did humans2Galilei! conclusions?

how come that a caterpillar would reject your question to consciously change to a butterfly?

abbriviated!: in essence he is programed to change but is not aware of this fact! inside he will try to destroy all the cells that are engeneered to make him a butterfly. despite these cells succeed because at a certain point they reach a critical mass and thus there is no more point of return to a caterpillar(which still is the aim of the original caterpillar - if you are thinking in terms of human metaphors).

question too meditate on: what if this is valid for humans, too?

let me add another example this time from human history.

when Galileo Galilei entered the stage arguing opposite the contemprorary worldview (hard to believe but actually there are still people around on this planet that are attached to the pre-Galilei worldview) he had to face huge resistance.consequences known!

what can we learn from these examples?

both are situations where change is unavoidable! nevertheless there is resistance to keep staying in a realm that has lost it´s meaning/credibility. one might think that it´s easy to accept an emerging view that is based on facts(on genetic programming in the case of caterpillars!). why resist? why resist #transformation? why resist to a world that creates more options and gives you more insights?

some reasons why:

thinking through transformational shifts with rational mind doesn´t mean that you will accept new realities. mind is not built to accept, awareness/consciousness is!

proof: when your mind is challenged with new developments that´s opposite to its past/current view most people have difficulties to deal with this challenge. maybe it´s due to confirmation bias, maybe it´s due to fear of uncertainty, maybe it´s fear of loosing influence, maybe..... reasons are deeply ingrained within the depth of your being.(I guess you can find examples in your daily life, too).

in essence: individuals associate identity with belief! "I am what I believe!"(does the sun spin around the earth or opposite?): if I am the "owner" of a worldview I have #control, I am supreme(at least I want to think so!......but which I wont tell anybody!)

the paradox is that people who keep attached to their beliefs are willing to kill or to die(best regards to catholic inquisition in case of Galilei). that´s how wars are initiated: seeing your worldview as predominat and valid!

the unwillingness/fear to adapt to change it´s very likely that cicumstances change within time because the energy behind change movements simply is too strong! we can´t but change!

in past centuries it took quite some time for change to manifest in daily life. it´s speeding up in our time.

conclusion: emotional energy invested in resistance is a waste of life(-time)!

thought to meditate on: probably #transformation needs resistance in order to built up transformational dynamics,

to create a critical mass that supports maniferstation of change in daily life? probaly resistance gives people time to adapt to new circumstances? to integrate it within their individual and societal realm?

after all: everything that happens has a meaning!

hypothesis: #evolution is gaining momentum. the human race is destined to evolve. but: if you compare humans with the situation of caterpillars in transformational state, well.....we have the power not to change!

the answer to the question if we let #evolution happen remains open. let´s hope we are caterpillars that become butterflies even if we don´t want to!

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr truth!

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