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#navigating #paradigmshift: #feedback

even in complex systems there are feedbackloops that you can see/feel!

#paradigmshift:"could not have been foreseen!" - the most common managerial excuse when crisis hits! #leadership

#paradimshift:"could not have been foreseen" means that u miss conncetion2reality! there r lots of hints - always!

#paradigmshift:"could not have been foreseen" means that u tried2follow a certain self-interest no matter what consequences! #leadership

a crisis hits and nobody wants to be responsible!

somehow it´s true that nobody is responsible because as long as you belief your thoughts you are innocent in a psychological/spiritual sense. though this is not relevant in courtyards!

on the other hand there are lists of creative arguments that function as scapegoats for people in charge not to take responsibility at all.

something like "I just followed orders" when you are at the lower end of hierarchy is common.

at the upper end its something like "I didnt get the relevant information".(start asking yourself why you didn´t get them! in depth chances are that you didn´t want to hear them!)

taking an honest look it´s none of these!

it comes down to your ability to listen, to be honest with feedback, to be honest with selfinquiry.

it´s about becoming aware of your prefabricated mindconstructs that lead you astray.

that´s why you need a crisis: becoming honest with and about yourself!

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr tuth!

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