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need more energy? less weight? change your mindset and nutrition will follow!

#transformation:#nutrition dieting usually doesnt make sense as long as its not based on yr conscious mind!

in case you have the feeling to need more energy lots of people change their nutritional regime hoping things will change quite quickly. most of them are dissapointed in time.

how come?

applying a new diet doesn´t help very much because usually

it´s based on ideologial issues and thus the wrong understanding of cause/effect within human organisms.

first of all people just take on a new concept without much inquiry about the basic assumptions a diet is based on.

that´s essential because there are so many diets around which are based on different assumptions and thus come to different conclusions about dietary habits that they want you to follow.

second: in most cases energetical problems are not based in your nutritional habits but in mental/emotional challenges. you cant solve these with a change in nutrition. nutrition is the consequence not the reason!

if you are able to listen with some basic awareness to what is going on within you with experience you can easily find out what your body wants and needs in appropriate amount!

there is no need to check and weigh grams and ratios between macro- and/or micronutrients. your body has the ability to communicate it´s needs! it´s a matter of you communicating with your body and even more with your energetical being.

that´s where it starts!

your body will then lead you to the exact way of nutritional lifestyle that fits to your awareness! this may change over time but in all cases it will become more effective concerning your energylevels and your understanding of nutrition interacting

with your energy and consciousness will increase exponential.

As always: Dare2GetReal & live your Truth!

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