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#navigating #paradigmshift: #obstacles

adapting2#paradigmshift needs deeper ways of #transformational understanding

‪#‎paradigmshift‬ ‪#‎transformation‬:external obstacles r pointers2an internal issue that wants2be seen in yr life now!

‪#‎paradigmshift‬:‪#‎transformation‬:when facing obstacles be aware this is a hint2get conscious about density in yr mind.

‪#‎transformation‬:‪#‎emotions‬ that arise r energy labeld w/ thought! take away the thought&u will experience lifeforce

‪#‎paradimshift‬:‪#‎transformation‬ happens by observing evthg within w/ curiosity&by excluding thoughts that ur attached2

hypothesis: a new reality is arising. some of us might feel it, some others might resist it. what´s true?

no matter what is going on at the outside world it´s messenger is happening on the inside world at first. and opening up2new reqalities needs a different form of dealing w/ our thoughtprocesses.

when we resist2deal w/ outside issues this means that we have avoided2deal w/ inside issues quite some time before their external occurence. we might not be able2see this cause/effect relation but that´s in most cases due2our limited way of think through and by a lack of perceiving in connections.

this ambivalence is one of the challenges we have2face when coping w/ emerging complexity.

actually it´s not complexity that we have2deal with but seeing complexity as a leverage2a new way of "thinking"!

considering this the real challenge is attachment! realizing that attachment is a minds game and has nothing2do with our identity.

2break this habit of attachment life will guide us towards sometimes painful obstacles2make us real!

....2be continued!

as always: Dare2GetReal & live yr Truth!

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