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#navigating #paradigmshift: #perception

humans compared to animals have a very bad perception!

#transformation:sharks compared2humans have an extremely sensitive perception that feel changes coming.#leadership

#transformation:if humans would have the same perception like sharks what would this mean for our #environment?

#transformation:imagine2be a shark even perceiving the heartbeat of other fish around. compared2humans.......! #paradigmshift

animals experience in a very direct way what is happening within and around them. no bypassing by the mind as humans do. humans try to follow their mind being convinced that this is the best GPS available.

we are not used to observing our feelings any more without a story(aka thinking!) laid upon them. actually this made us to robots looking down on animals!

we lost contact to our en-vironment and our in-vironment!

we still have the view that animals are the ones that are programmed and are not able to escape their little world and we further conclude that humans are supreme to animals.

considering this logic it´s far from truth! animals might be on a level "below" thinking but they react on a very direct and authentic way on their feelings.

contrary to that humans are on a thinking level. what exactely this means you can view watching the state of this planet.

imagine for a moment that you are a shark in the midle of the ocean. what would you do? chances are that you dont know! equipped with human perception you are lost!

imagine for another moment that you could perceive your environment with a sharks perception. well.....imagine to perceive water to move in tiny ripples even 500 meters away, you would be adapted to changes much better.

what does this mean for humans?

for most leaders - no matter if in politics or economy - it´s still an impossible task to "think" ahead.

how come?

hypothesis: thinking in terms of mental concepts is not an adequate means to deal with current and future challenges.

I dont want to argue to go "back" on "animal thinking".

what I want to put up for discussion is what it would mean for humankind to raise above thinking!

as always:Dare2GetReal&live yr truth!

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