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#navigating #paradigmshift: #rigidity

we are at the brink of entering a new reality on this planet!

#paradigmshift: we have become a society based on efficency/profit/ctrl/facts/profits. rigidity wherever u look!

#paradigmshift:migration is a tool of evolution2keep life in motion.our rigid mindsets just dont know how2deal w/ it.

#paradigmshift: the need2integrate migrating ideas challenges us2enter new realms of what life means on this planet!

migration, beside other challenges, is one of the most crucial issues we have2deal with on this planet - it seems! taking a closer look migration always has been part of this planets reality. in combination with excessive wealth mis-distribution it has become more challenging these days.

lets face it: migration will be an increasing factor on the globe since conflictsolution in different parts of the world are poorly developed whicih means that the superficial causes of migration are here to stay for quite some time!

deeper causes are the main challenge: how2balance mindsets based on opposite mental concepts? this question leades us2understand that migration is primarily about developing new mindsets, new perspectives about life and what it means2live on this planet.

as long as we stay attached2our views about reality and the structures based on these assumptions the migrational flows will create density followed by violence(even if violence is just a mindgame in your head).

As always: Dare2GetReal & live yr truth!

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