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#navigating #paradigmshift: #transformation through #bodywork

#bodywork is a great way to transform not only body but mind, too!

#transformation #bodywork whatever kind of bodyw ur performing be aware that there r emotions stored in yr muscles

#transformation #bodywork whenever u reach the edge of physical performance yr muscles cant keep emotional strain.

#transformation #bodywork make sure2find the kind of physical bodywork that aligns w/ yr energetical body!

#transformation #bodywork does not mean just exercising but connecting body&mind.otherwise disconnection!

nevertheless there are some hints to be considered:

most people are not aware that in essence your body is a piece of art. they just take it for granted that their bodies fullfill their tasks on a daily basis without really caring. their cars seem to get more attention.

when lucky they discover what their bodies are really helping them to survive not oly physically but mainly emotionally.

when you develop some awareness and get able to observe your mental/emotional/physical network you might find out that your body stores emotions of all kind in case you dont integrate them on a conscious basis. being able to translate your physical posture you may find some basic beliefs that shape your body.

this can go a long way till your body starts to remind you that the garbage can needs some clearing now. either you get sick or create some injuries. this cause/effect is not easy to recognise but with looking deeper you can see the connection.

in case you decide for a certain kind of bodywork try to decide on basis of energetical and not by ideological reasons. e.g.: you might not start with Yoga because your bodyflexibility is not yet ready for it so you decide to start boxing.

this might help you to get rid of your stored aggression - at least at the beginning. with time you check that even boxing needs some inner calmness otherwise you loose control when the going gets tough.

besides: boxing needs huge amounts of mental and physical energy and you might feel drained after the workout(working hours not counted!) Just an example that might not be coherent with you!

within this experience in mind you probably start Tai Chi or a certain way of Yoga´s just what your inner voice may lead you to.....

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr truth!

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