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#navigating #paradigmshift: #stagnation

#stagnation is a prerequisite of #blooming!

#paradigmshift:stagnation translates2we are not yet able2perceive undercurrents of #ascension. #leadership

#paradigmshift:every blooming phase is preceeded by stagnation which aims to build momentum. its not in vain!

#paradigmshift:#technology is blooming but dont forget that there has been a period of (apparent)stagnation prior!

* thinking about #stagnation most managers become sleepless. ;-)

* shareholders want "their" company to rise on a constant, extrapolated basis.

* innovation should happen immedeately after having a creative impuls!

"wants" and "shoulds" that are far from reality. expectations based on narratives that in essence prevent the flow of life. expectations that show how far we as human race have detached from the principles of life.

nevertheless: life finds it´s ways into human reality no matter if we are aware or not.

considering this #stagnation is a necessary prerequisite to #ascension phases. it´s just that we are not able to perceive what´s going on at deeper levels of reality. it´s like surfing the waves of the ocean you don´t feel the silence at the bottom. but that´s where the momentum starts to move - that´s where the next wave starts with the movement of the fin of a still unknown tiny fish(aka butterfly effect).

when you want the charts of stockmarket to rise to the edge of the universe(it goes without saying that you don´t outburst with happiness when a backlash occurs!) you will miss the preciousness of the crucial moment when the universe starts to come into motion - this one singular moment!

conclusion: #stagnation does not mean nothing is happening. contrary! it´s like a seed waiting for a drop of water to unfold it´s inherent potential. in terms of human life: silence is waiting for your #presence to appear to unfold your lifes inherent gifts(your company will thank you for that - probably - one day?)!

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth!

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