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#navigating #paradigmshift:#StatusQuo

if #StatusQuo needs to change you have to ask questions!

#paradigmshift:"Is it true?" thats what Galilei dared2ask. what is it that u have2ask is true? #transformation

#paradigmshift: what all rulebreakers did?asking what is BEYOND, asking what is BENEATH! #transformation #leadership

"Is it true? What is Beyond? What is beneath?"

these are questions that are at the beginning of a journey into the unknown. prior to that there is a fact, a hint, an intuitive feeling that points you to a discrepancy to your current state of the world or your organization(just to name two).

the feeeling accompanied by that keeps irritating your mind. you can´t but start inquiring!

that´s what Galilei did. Kopernikus, Einstein, Tesla,......

these questions are the starting point to a quest to enlarge the world you are living in: on the one hand see more of it´s complexity! on the other hand feeling the world being an unlimited adventure!

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth!

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