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There is so much more within you! X-Men: being yourself against all odds!

the quality of a movie depends on the intensity of mirroring individual and societal issues back to you!

#paradigmshift:#XMenMovies X-Men is a great metaphor abt what we all r going through in life:being ourselves against all odds.

let´s start with a short look at the frame of X-Men Apocalypse: an entity, seeing himself as god and thus deviate the moral claim to know what is best for the world(by first destroying the world - what else? ;-) ): a frame that turns up every now and then in movie history.

not necessarily different to what happens on this planet in real life, too.

there are lots of leaders in economy and politics who happen to have the same mindset(but with lesser psychic powers than the X-Men entity - but I am not sure about that!).

what X-Men in essence is dealing with is our own innate skills and capabilities and how we are going to use them in life. The X-men may have skills that seem quite extraordinary compared to daily life appearances.

There is a repeating quote in this X-Men series which says(Xavier to Eric/Magneto who turned his insecurity about his skills into a power struggle against his friend): "There is so much more within you!".

This is due to all of us!

The crucial questions:

* How do we deal with skills that show up but we don´t dare to develop them to our best because we feel excluded from society/friends/parents/...., then. This is a serious question that touches all our lifes because it is happening unconsciously - all of the time! Some of us don´t grow because they want to keep up with the harmony of their surrounding.

* How do we deal with resistance e.g. jealousy when we decide to work with our skills? The background idea of this question is that not everybody wants us to thrive! (Because people are afraid to loose us!)

* How do we deal with insecurities considering our raw not yet sophisticated capabilities that inevitably come along our individual journey? Do we dare to jump into the unknown translates to: do we dare to fly like birds the first time when leaving their nest? without knowing what will happen next?

* How do we deal with people that are quite different to us and our imagination of what is acceptible? average people seem to get along quite well: meaning no conflicts, confirmation bias, no inquiry about lifes challenges,.....

* How do we deal with psychic issues when our mind is not yet able to cope with the greater challenges that life presents us? there are lots of mindgames going on in our heads without even being aware of the deeper aspects because we can´t see the bigger picture of minds way of working!

* How do we deal with situations when others want to manipulate our mind? daily life on planet earth!!! do we want to awake to that suppression? Do we dare to become free(don´t say YES too quickly - this issue is about control and whom we want to control our lives!)? How do we resist suppression if our individual power is not yet strong enough?

* Is there a greater entity at work in life(in X-Men called god)than our single or collective minds(which can be prey to unconsciousness very easily!)?

In my opinion X-Men beats the pants off Star Wars by far although they are dealing with the same issues(and though Star Wars reaches a broader audience!).

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth! ......and additional in this post: "There is so much more within you!"

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