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#navigating #paradigmshift: #extremism

#paradigmshift: extremism makes u&other human beings a conceptual construct! aliveness leaves yr body.survival mode!

#paradigmshift:extremism is conviction that yr beliefs r the only ones that r right! whats left when ur wrong?

#extremism does not mean that you have to join a terrorist group in any form. you dont have to go to Syria or Afghanistan or.....

it´s enough when you start defending your convictions when somebody has a different opinion than you do. that´s when violence starts: your defense is the beginning. next step is aggression.

#extremism is identification with mind!

the moment you start believing your thoughts you get identified and you will feel that different opinions are threatening your worldview?

the question to be asked: who am I beyond my convictions? beyond my beliefs? what is left when my arguments dont get proof through reality(and they won´t! but you probably don´t notice?).

in essence: in the background of attachment to belief lies the fear of falling into a void of separation. that´s why you started attaching to your thoughts at first - a viscious cycle...........

could be broken up by getting present, though.

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth!

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