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#paradigmshift: #rigidity vs #flow!

#paradigmshift: Do usee the universe as solid?look out at the stars,sense the silence,feel the movement: a constant shift though subtle

what changes when u see pple as realms w/ floating#values,beliefs,assumptions,past #conditioning,karmic #patterns?

when you ever watched the universe through an astronomical telescope what did you feel, what did you see? what were the conclusions, the experiences that you learned?

almost everybody I am asking this question is reporting some kind of awe! some kind of speechlessness! some kind of wonder!

how come that when living your daily life we loose this sense? who come that we experience encounters as unpleasant and somehow pale? no awe! no wonder!

how come that we forget that our earth is part of this awe when looking through a telescope?

how come that we perceive other human beings as fixed and never-changing entities?

quantum physics tells us that what we perceive as fixed is not that fixed at all but in constant motion and we can never knw if a quantum particel changes from solid to fluid(wave).

what if you start perceiving other people as fluid, too. seeing them as realms with floating beliefs, uninquired assumptions, karmic patterns,......(just like stars moving in time and space)

actually that´s what they are! what if you start seeing yourself that way?

do you get a different idea about who you are/could be? is there some flow coming into your life? a shift from rigidity to flow?

it´s worth the effort to raise these questions!

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth!

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