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Rocky Horror Picture Show: going back to childhood!

‪#‎transformation‬:its one thing2find out who ur on a spiritual level.another thing what r the inherent ‪#‎traits‬ that u came here with on earth!

life on earth constantly challenges you to look at certain issues that life has recognized to be important for you! this does not necessarily mean that you share lifes opinions about you! ;-)

reality is that most people dont share these "opinion". contrary: they share societys opinions about themself!

what´s the problem you might ask?

well, like day and night!

most people I know don´t follow their inherent abilities, they even deny them because they seem not to fit into societys expectation of a "good citizen". they follow criteria that are helpful to run a system that values profits above people.

so they give up! they move their bodies to a 9 to 5 job every day. no passion, no joy. passion and joy are postponed when retired. well, it will never come, bet!

how come?

kids have an inherent curiosity and try to find out everything that triggers their puppies every second they are turning from one corner to the next and for adults this can be quite exhausting. it feels exhausting when you are conditioned to believe your thoughts amongst others that life is serious and you have better things to do than play ad be curious.

well, that´s the expression of a conditioned and rigid mind. over time you get stuck, life gets boring and you are looking for escape.

not only you get stuck but your kids, too. first because you are their role model and second because chances are that you want them to obey your verbal and nonverbal directions.

looking back it could happen that you regret following deeply ingrained societal norms that cut you off from your deepest desires, from being you!

when out of the blue you sense a feeling of dissatisfaction or disappointment about the circumstaces of your life this is a chance to connect to your core traits again. to break up the layers that covered your essence.

what to look for?

observe yourself in your childlike states. try to find out what triggered your attention, when did you forget time and space(probably watching Rocky Horror Picture show can help: ). this observation beyond social conditioning and judgment can give you hints what you want to discover in your life. what you need to discover! it might be to late to become a rockstar, doesn´t matter!

how can you rock your realtionships? how can you rock your job? how....? there are ways to be rockstar within your lifes circumstaces! there are! definitely!

you will find out that you have to break through the (glass-)walls of your conditioned mindset, to experience misunderstanding of your surrounding, to relive resistance of people that need you to keep up their illusions of life, etc.

but: being a rockstar is worth the effort. besides: do rockstars care about society? ;-) (if not sure about the answer ask Keith Richard, ask the guys from Iron Maiden, ask Frank´n´furter, ask.......)

as always: Dare2GetReal&live yr Truth!

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