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#navigating #paradigmshift: #identity

what #organizational change really means!

some snippets on the ratio between change - identity - knowledge

#transformation:clients want answers2change their org but dont want2be touched in identity.doesnt work! #leadership

#paradigmshift:clients expect u2know answers2every question. how about inquiry of NOT-KNOWING? #leadership

#paradigmshift:wonder what it means for org structures if managers would embrace the #presence of uncertainty?

#transformation:though my mind tells me different I dont have an idea about anything! soooo: lets find out whats good for u!

#paradigmshift:yr org is the exact mirror of yr interpretation of yrself. no matter on which org level ur working!

#paradigmshift:when wanting yr org2change u have2be aware what this really means: u have2change,too! #leadership

#transformation:the one core belief on the deepest level of yr being navigates yr life! due2orgs,too.#leadership

hypothesis: #change is a direct function of your identity!

from experience most managers expect prefabricated concepts when it comes to changing their organizational structure or finding new strategies or whatever is on their current agenda. they simply need security in a complex world.

actually it´s pretty easy to convince them of anything because most of them don´t have much clues when it comes to real change. this is new territory to most of them.

how come?

based on their educational background leaders/managers develop a collective mindset that is enforcing itself in various ways. pretty similar to the the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

only difference: being the piper you don´t see that you are following your own hypnotic sound (aka the #narratives of your unconscious #paradigm)

as always:Dare2GetReal&live yr truth!

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