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#navigating #paradigmshift: #spacial thinking in #innovation processes

#paradigmshift:#technology will save the world! is that true? its #technologyembedded in consciousness that can be tool!

when it comes2 #paradigmshift u have2check if ur able to leave the path of straight lines&enter space&flow

thinking in terms of #space&flow needs yr identity2change.needs sensing as crucial tool:space,levels,layers,#flow!

sensing #space& #flow is like changing btw particle&wave, is like being in a state of more rigidity!

when it comes to #paradigmshift #mindset is key. though most of us don´t know what that means in essence.

the predominant mindset in western societies is still based on linear thinking, a way of thinking that structured our world and influenced our environment in ways that brought us at the verge of destruction.

as always: Dare2GetRel&live yr Truth!

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