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#paradigmshift: #conflicts

conflicts are the result of onesided thinking!

‪#‎paradigmshift‬ instead of explore the roots of thinking ppl r attached2being right!violence is consequence, but only!

observing all the conflicts around the world, no matter which level they are taking place, there is one common trait: people on every side of conflicts are addicted to their own view of reality. over time the dynamics of conflict is spiraling up and at a certain point in time the conflict gets "hot" translating "military action is unavoidable!". in science you can find the stages that are pileing up to "explosion".

next step is that international negotiators have to step in to alleviate and "solve?" the issue. reality shows it takes years to hold the conflict at bay not to address a solution!

how come that this process is rerunning times over times and as it seems is even increasing speed nowadays!

conflicts about allocation of resources you might argue. on the surface, yes!

looking deeper it´s about clinging to it´s own view of a situation, in essence it´s about the wanting/needing? to be right! nothing else!

there is a deep feeling of "not enough" in most human beings that result in conflicts issues arise. issues arise because they are meant to make us grow, to make us conscious about who we are, about what our purpose in life is.

religions e.g. are meant to give people meaning about these questions. nevertheless they are an absolute beliefsystem and that´s the reason why religious conflicts are arising all over the world. not to mention that religious beliefsystems are best suited for functionalizing believers.

considering these aspects you might conclude that belief is at the core of conflicts!

at the same time you can see all societal/economic/religious constructs that are built on beliefs are crumbeling. they are about to loose sense to humanity. new beliefs are looming at the horizon. accompanied by new conflicts.

what to do?

when the need to be right is linked with ones understanding of identity it is quite threatening to question your view because unconsciously you question ones idenity. seeing this most(actually all) conflicts are fear based which nobody would admit, though!

Let´s take Brexit as an example. you can start discussing about advantages and disadvantages that EU and GB are getting from this cooperation??? you can do it in detail! emotions will arise and spiral upwards(that´s what is happening!) convictions about opinions are getting rigid. it´s not about advantages any more but about......see above!

if parties get honest they would have to admit that it´s an identity crises on both sides: UK as well as EU!

shortcut: UK not coping with decreasing influence in the world´s powerplay(and thus unwilling to cooperate!) , EU about how to integrate conflicting interests , how to find a sustainable way of decision making,......these are questions that have to be answered before you can go into detailed negotiation about membership in a community.prior to that EU as well as GB need to admit that there are issues that they are unable to answer yet.chances are that based on this uncertainty about existential questions both parties get a better understanding about real needs. deescalation has a chance!in essence it´s about:Dare2GetReal& live yr Truth!

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