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#paradigmShift: true #harmony

#ParadigmShift:u might think that ur in harmony when avoiding #conflicts or fullfilling expectations of others. thats the dream of limitation

#ParadigmShift ur in true harmony when u live in alignment w/ yr #essence. feel the difference!

#paradigmShift:learning2observe yr thoughts w/ #compassion&kindness is key2#liberation

Harmony is one of those issues that are important for most of us, interpreted in different ways, though.

it´s a small path and it is difficult to discern which road we are travelling e.g. in a given encounter.

the conditioned way (the one we can observe in most situations and at the same time the most unconscious way) is when we try to be/get in #harmony when we try to avoid #conflicts accompanied by the mental pattern to fullfill expectations of others.

we might not even notice that this pattern is at work as long as we are attached to our linear thoughts.

usually listening to your thoughts excludes the feeling that is triggered by our thoughts. with experience you will find out that it´s quite uncomfortable!

avoiding #conflicts in essence means that we are shifting tension from a(n "outside") relationship (where it seems to occurs) into our bodys(where it keeps creating tension). in fact we devalue ourselves b/c being dishonest to ourselves.

on the surface it seems that the problem that we have w/ somebody else has vanished. in reality it just has shifted and chances are that within time it will arise in another context(don´t worry, life will show you the way!).

it might seem that we have reached agreement but on the cost of being untrue to ourselves.

whereas when we are in alignment w/ ourselves we say YES when it is coherent just as we say NO when necessary from a deeper knowing.

how to find out if we are on the right track?

your physical feelings will show you the way! at the beginning it might not be easy to discern between feelings.

discerning the quality of feelings is not an easy task but w/ time you will find out.

it´s the quality of awareness that shows you your authentic truth.

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