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#paradigmShift & #un-certainty


#paradigmShift: #uncertainty for most ppl means that they cant use their familiar strategically shaped "toolset" anymore.feels uncomfortable

#paradigmShift: moving fully into the feeling of #uncertainty (paradoxically?!) will give u the experience of #presence & BEING strong

#paradigmShift: #uncertainty is not the abyss of yr life.its abt un-certain yr mind of rigid structures. hence: why not go for it?

#uncertainty for most people is a scary word. somehow it´s about NOT-KNOWING. To continue the associative stream of thought NOT-KNOWING creates a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability in physical bodys.

Since this feels uncomfortale to most of us we try to escape these feelings by distracting us into mental concepts that "give back" the feeling of comfort an KNOWING:

In core this is the mechanism of stagnation.

Contrary #change is about accepting that we don´t know (yet)!

To examplify: Going to the movies and seeing the hero/heroine to facing NO challenge at all would be quite boring. You want them to "conquer" unknown territory. That´s why you are identifying with the main character. Contrary to movie-adventures in your daily life you might be quite hesitating when it comes to "unknown territory".

Unknown territory(UT) doesn´t mean that we have to fight armed battles(if at all this is virtual reality). UT is more about staying present in this moment in time and not allowing your mind to distract you.

Distracting you from deeper truth, distracting you with the seemingly certainty of linear thinking aka simple recipies that give this well known feeling of being RIGHT! Right?

UT is about having the courage to enter stillness inside and observe your hidden fears - and stay with them - undistracted!

Considering this #UN-CERTAINTY is the bridge to deeper revelations about life. It´s the invitation to enter the space of life from a different perspective than our certain views allow us to see.


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