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#paradigmShift: #systemic change & responsibility

#paradigmShift: #change means facing phases of NOT-KNOWING! thats what most ppl reject.thats why sytems get rigid. #leadership

#paradigmShift:criticizing "The System" most emotionally r the ones that r conditioned by "The System" the most.projectional mechanism!

#paradigmShift: dynamics of world crises now challenge everyone of us2see the Matrix within ourselves! #Dare2GetRealNOW!

#paradigmShift:most #change efforts fail b/c they r based merely on rational thinking.current crisises r going2change this.we have2look deep

we are living in times where systems are crumbling mainly because they don´t match with an emerging reality anymore.

the crucial question: How to deal with this situation as individuals as well as organizations?

the most common reaction so far is fear. Fear to face reality that we don´t know yet. What most people don´t rcognize is that fear is simply a copying mechanism from your past conditioning. You are projecting past experiences and views into your future. The only consequence: you will experience exactely the future you want to avoid. Not possible otherwise!

usually this is an unconscious process which blocks most change initiatives. They can but fail.

since most people will agree that we are living in an epoche of #paradigmShift(this in essence means that the basic assumptions how and why the world is run is changing) fearful reactions will slow down the natural process of evolution.

  1. our challenge as individuals is to shift our mindsets from fear to #presence. To recognize how our worldview is limited, to learn how our mind creates systems, projects responsibility and by that created the exact situation we are in now.

  2. we will loose a lot of our past convictions hat gave us the illusion of saftey and predictability. Nothing new in sight, though.

taking a closer look this is the best that could happen!


because it will give us opportunities to get to know ourselves in new ways. it may be, though, that we have to pass a phase of turbulence and turmoil.

although not obvious this may be the way #paradigmShift makes itself visible and triggerers our mental changemechanisms. Otherwise we would stay stuck in our past, obsolete structures and mindsets.


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