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#paradigmShift: #projections

#paradigmShift: #projections is outsourcing! they aim at shifting the pain stored in your body onto sby else. #GetRealNOW #presence
#paradigmShift: #projections imply that there is an outside world/force that is resonsible for yr lifesituation. #transformation #presence

What exactely are #projections?

#Projections are tools your mind uses in order to shift #responsibility and painful feelings onto somebody/something else. actually it´s a kind of outsourcing on a mental level. Since your mind is completely convinced of it´s righteousness you won´t feel even the slightest bit of contribution on your side.

That´s exactely what #projections are aiming for. YOU FEEL RIGHT! YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

The problem arising: chances are that it´s the outside world that is to blame for everything that is happening in your life. You can´t see how your mind creates the situations in your life and hence don´t see these situations as hints and/or feedback to show you the way.

Sounds familiar to you when observing the political discourse?

In this case: YOU ARE RIGHT! ;-)

When it comes to your personal life #projections are not the best way to cope with an emerging reality that requires completely different skills from you!

What to do?

If possible slow down! Our habitual perception is based on an outside view. We perceive the world as a stream of ongoing events outside of us. By that we miss what is going on inside of our bodies. Are we able to split our attention into halfs? Half of it outside, half of it inside. With time we can learn that reality is "living" itself inside out, outside in. Your breath can guide you the way!

This can be a radical shift in your life because it gives you an idea of a reality in flow which is much closer to what Quantum Physics teaches you. It´s a shift from a separated view(separation between inside and outside) to an integrated view(life is interconnected and in constant flow).

Most of all: you don´t need to project your issues onto others(aka blame others!)

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