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#paradigmShift: #projections #fear

#paradigmShift: #fear is NOT a natural response2UNKNOWN! #presence is! fear is mindbased, #presence is based on awareness - on yr #BEING!
#paradigmShift: #separation is the basic sensation of our times. a feeling of lack is consequence&distraction seems2be the tool2solve!

As we are heading towards a new paradigm - though for most people not conscious - we have to find new ways "how to run the world´s business".

How do we even know that we are in the midst of a #paradigmShift? If we observe what´s happening on this planet it´s mostly about #conflicts(violent aggression on the rise!), about #uncertainty(summoned up with the term #VUCA) and about #fear.

It seeems that we as human race have no idea how to face the #challenges of the future which actually are the #challenges of the presence.

Everybody seems to be afraid to loose his/her vested interests! Hardly anyone wants to let go of his/her belongings. The hardest part in this game is but change ones mindset to changing circumstances.

#fear seems to have penetrated life on earth. People feel stuck and hence cling to familiar thoughts and beliefs. A #backlash seems to "step on the break of the world´s evolutionary shift".

Two aspects need to be considered in this game:

1) Fear is a #projection (a game of mind! and hence NOT REAL!) which leades to an outcome where individuals as well as societies feel powerless and at the mercy of superior powers. The mechanism #fear works with is by projecting past experiences and conclusions about reality into ones future: you equalize past and future!

Don´t wonder when it turns out to be the same!

2) Sometimes reality uses #backlashes to slow down speed because a certain amount of people can´t keep the pace with societal "progress"(or what we think progress to be!). When life get´s complex the need for seemingly simple solutions increases.

As individuals and societies we have to learn that fear is not the only "solution" to react on #uncertainty(VUCA). Actually #fear is a conditioned reaction that keeps structures in need of #change in place: stuck state by selfhypnosis!

We have to learn that it´s possible to step out of this centurylong belief and acknowledge that #presence is the key to deal with future issues!

In essence: we have to loose our mind and find the truth in our hearts!

Seeing it this way we will observe a different world in state of emergence. A world that gives us hints to translate into feasable solutions for this planet and most of all to set our individual BEING free from conditioning!

Just because we can´t see it yet does not mean that it´s not there already!

Have faith in your own power to see and ......


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