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#paradigmShift: #rationality vs #wholeness

#paradigmShift:when we focus our emotions on individuals we miss the underlying dynamics of reality #emerging.childlike vs maturity!
#paradigmShift: mainstream thinking is based on the premise that 1 & 1 means 2! is this really true? quantum physics tells us opposite!
#paradigmShift:we like2watch movies abt "walking dead,vampires,zombies,werwolfes et al":all abt life in #transformation&beyond rationality!
#paradigmShift:mainstream view of life:there is a symptom,lets get rid of it! #Dare2GetRealNOW! #presence

It´s interesting to watch how people are thinking. The first two or tree minutes will tell you from which level of awareness one is talking. Is it still the rational mind that is talking, is it still the basic assumption that 1 plus 1 equals two. Or is there a deeper understanding of life and reality that an individual represents.

Coincidence is that the moment I am writing this post three businessmen are sitting at thebtable beside me talking about their business.

Listening to it beyond the level of conventional thinking their conversation feels mechanic, lifeless though there seems to be a lot of emotion involved in their exchange.

On a societal level it´s interesting to observe that movies about "walking dead et al" are pretty popular.

Hypothesis: these movies represent a world beyond rational thinking that we are heading at but unconsciously! We let ourselves be scared by these movies as surrogates: in exchange we avoid the fear that arises when entering the "deepliving realm of life".

The function of rational thinking( 1 and 1 = 2) is (though paradox)to protect ourselves from our real being. Our Ego tries to convince us that being ourselves is dangerous. Is it? You can try to meditate on this question and see what kind of resistance and/or fears will arise. Then you get an idea of your mental/rational limitations!

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