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#paradigmShift: the construct of thought!

#paradigmShift:the moment u see yr thoughts as constructs2protect the illusion of yr body/mind identity u move through2yr #freedom
#paradigmShift:thought is the borderline betw duality&infinity!its the challenge2solve the riddle of matter&mind! #transformation

#paradigmShift: NO MATTER! THE MORE!

No matter if you like it or not there is a lot of #change going on on this planet. Taking a closer look no matter which perspective you feel attached to you will experience that your thoughts give you proof that you are right! YOUR THOUGHTS GIVE YOU PROOF! Not necessarily reality(depending on the sophistication of your view!)!

One step further: thoughts are constructs just like tables, chairs, airplanes,.....whatever. This might be difficult to understand at first glance. The more intensely you are believing your thoughts the more they will manifest in your "outside reality". If believing in your thoughts unconsciously(which is the new and the old normal!) the more dependent you are on them and in essence you are just acting out on your thoughts.

Translates to: you are not the indepent, free thinking being that you think you are!

The moment you start to inquire your thoughts (and the underlying beliefs as a next step) the more you will find out that there opens up a gap between your thoughts and the space your thoughts "are living in".

This is the starting line for a new freedom that allows you to be aware of your thoughts and about their consquences in your daily life.

You don´t need to be attached to the conviction that "I am my thoughts" anymore.

One aspect will become clear: your thoughts are an expression of your understanding of who your are. You can FEEL this aspect on your physical reactions. Simply put: you body is the construct of your mind(thoughts/beliefs/identity).

These aspects can give you hints to inquire and/or to meditate on.

Seeing it this way can open up the doors to deeper realms of reality that you wouldn´t have access to if you stay stuck in your thought identification.

In my understanding this is the main challenge humanity is facing in it´s current state.

If you take a look at all the perspectives and vested interests that show up in this moment in time/history/evolution you will see that everyone of these perspectives is based on certain basic assumptions about the world, about life, about economy, about..........based on thoughts! Merely thoughts!

To take the shortcut: no thought has any kind of reality rooted in life! Except you give it to him!

If you like turn these thoughts around and have a close look at them from different perspectives. See where this leads you to.

Questions welcome!

.....and don´t forget: #Dare2GetRealNOW!

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