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#paradigmShift: #learning2listen2yourself

#paradigmShift:listening2yrself during talking is one of the most helpful skills u can develop2raise selfawareness.#presence #leadership
#paradigmShift:when u r able2listen2 yrself when talking u will know if u r authentic or if u r just telling stories2impress others&yrself!

Direct question: "Do you listen to your own words when talking?"

I hardly know anybody who does!

Why is it important at all to listen to yourself? Why not just keep talking? The words will pour out of your mouth anyway. So - why bother?

Some puzzle pieces of an answer:

Most people are believing their thoughts uninquired. They don´t question what they think. In essence they are following mental templates. As a listener you may experience it hard to follow and listen to them. At a certain moment in time chances are that you get bored. You know what´s coming next. It feels programmed hence lifeless.

That´s a hint that these people are disconnected from their own truth, they are constantely repeating their own stored mental worldviews, same words, same sentences(if you know them better).

If you start listening to yourself at the beginning you will experience it difficult to keep concentrated. You have to talk, listen to your words and you have to observe how your conversational partner reacts on the words and meaning you try to convey.

Sounds complicated?

It is when you try to accomplis this task with you rational mind. You will get confused!

It needs a peripheral way of perception to combine these three aspects of conversation. Or these two aspects when you listen to your silent selftalk.

As an imagenary exercise: try to sense yourself as a hologram where all these aspects are occurring at the same time. Like fish in the water.

What can be the benefit of listening to yourself?

Generally speaking there is a feeling accompanied to your words, subtle in most cases, though. This feeling can tell you if your words are in sync with your truth. If you are out of sync you can feel the disconnection and take this as a guiding post to reaching back to your authenticity!

Listening to yourself can you give you more depth in conversations and will "push" you towards your inherent #presence.


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