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#paradigmShift: How2deal w/ ambivalence, insecurity & turmoil? part 2

#paradigmShift:#uncertainty always has been part of our lifes.our mind just tried2convince us2give us security. seemingly!#presence

#paradigmShift:#uncertainty is2translate a situation based on yr beliefs by experiencing an uncomfortable feeling.not necessarily true!

the truth is that #uncertainty always has been part of our lifes.

it´s an essential puzzle piece of reality. for most people, though, the problem in dealing with #uncertainty is that they are conditioned to resist #uncertainty because it gives them an uncomfortable feeling of NOT-KNOWING what will happen within the next moment and part of conditioning is to avoid feelings of tension because one doesn´t know how to cope with them.

most coping strategies lead to some kind of distraction from the current moment and aim at giving you a feeling of certainty and predictability. one gets the impression to KNOW and hence understand what life is about.

our societies are build to create certainty. e.g. bureaucracy aims at offering clear solutions (at the cost of discerning individual reality). while this made some sense in times with little #complexity in times where #VUCA is a crucial buzzword #certainty and #predictability are about to loose their meaning.

we can´t be certain about anything anymore.

at first this may sound scary andf for most people this has become a predominat feeling because the experience a loss of stability in their lives.

as a reaction they desperately try to find a hold on known but obsolete mindsets and symbols (aka representatives of "backlash-systems).

what we experience is a crumbling of systems, structures and their basic mindsets because they are not helpful to cope with emerging realities anymore. the upward spiral of fear is growing in speed and intensity (so it seems).

the reason why this is happening:

learning to stay with #uncertainty wants us to lead to a deeper understanding of reality which is only possible if we dare to stay present in the face of uncertain encounters(aka shock events).

this is a huge challenge because to understand this new #paradigm we have to dive into a new kind of selfunderstanding.

somehow we have to die into #presence and leave obsolete but still functioning mindpatterns behind.


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