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#paradigmShift: questions about #love and #spirituality!

#paradigmShift:how many #change-programs do u know where "loving attention" is part of the process?I dont know any!thats why they fail. #leadership

#paradigmShift:a spiritual journey is probably the most intense "change-program" u can imagine. compared organizational attempts r peanuts! #leadership

most organizational change-programs fail due to a lack of understanding what change is about!

guiding statement: what makes Einstein an outstanding scientist is his connection to the basics of life. he understood the way how life is interacting with the human mind and daily business. compared to that most scientists and manager have lost (or never had!)contact to deeper realms of reality. hence the core of their being!

let´s raise some consecutive questions as pointers:

* what is the relationship between life/reality/evolution/essence/Tao/......and organizational life/purpose/direction? This question goes for politics, too!

* what is life on earth meant to be? What do we want it to be?

* are we able to detect meaning and purpose of life and organizations?

* what are the tools to get answers about these questions?

* how many managers/leaders/employees do you know who are reflecting on philosophical/spiritual questions about life/love/spirit? in case they do, how does this influence organizational performance?

* how come that most organizations fail when it comes to feasibility and execution?

* what role plays the human mind/rational thinking/linear thinking in this interdependency of lifes manifestations?

* what kind of individual identity is necessary for the human mind to play it´s role?

* can #change be managed? what if not? how do you know that #change can be managed?

* what if #change is managing you? how is your life going to "change" if this is true?

* how come that managers et al turn away when "loving attention" becomes an issue?

* how would an enterprise look like if "loving attention" is the pointer to successful #change?

in case you start inquiring these questions chances are that you reach a point where you start feeling uncomfortable. the reason why? your rational mind has limitations that don´t allow him to cross the border to unknown realms of reality. these borders can be passed by - guess what ;-) - loving attention.

you won´t know yet what is on the other side of these borders. you may look for answers by reading some of Einsteins work. he - amongst others - had the courage to take the leap!

so why not: #Dare2GetRealNOW!

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