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#paradigmShift: intimacy of the #presentmoment!

#paradigmShift:when surrender2the intimacy of the moment(nothg2do w/ sex!)u experience the #connection of lifeforms&its beings.

most people are constantely shifting between past experiences and furture expectations. basic to that behavioral pattern is a fear of missing the essence of what they want to happen: the outcome of their expectations and plans.

if you sense into this thought you might feel the hurry that it triggers in your body. chances are that you have experienced encounters where you had the feeling that your talking partner just wants to leave even before you have talked through your issues.

and how about yourself?

one of the easiest hints is to listen how your talking partner ends a conversation on the phone. lots of people finish the conversation even before they have hung up! what does that feel like? and again: how about you?

surrender to the intimacy of the moment means to be #present, completely! your limiting thoughts and beliefs included. generally spoken limitations are fearbased and according to a certain mental logic one wants to avoid this fear hence avoids the #presentmoment to trigger this fear(yes it can!).

being in a hurry to reach a future goal seems to solve this problem - at first glance! at second glance you pile up dissatisfaction and frustration. it´s easy to imagine where this leads individuals as well as societies: the current state of the world will tell!

a second aspect is that being present/intimate with this moment can - unconsciously - feel like dying for most people. dying of their mirage of mind/body identity! it´s the illusion when dying means to fall into a black/infinite void and to dissapear into nothingness. well.....

for the moment: just try to be aware that dying is different to what you think it is(but that is another chapter!).

experience: reality will show you when being #present you will live life at a different perspective than you can ever imagine.

the crucial question is if you #Dare2GetRealNOW!

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