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#paradigmShift: about jesters and fools!

#paradigmShift: jesters r the manifestation of free speech within a structured/patriarchal/rigid society by going beyond #conceptualthinking

in common sense being a fool is not what most people try to achieve. being a fool is associated with being stupid, not able to think in socially acepted terms.

let´s take a closer look: what are socially accepted terms?

hypothesis to answer that question: it´s about a common denominator how a society decides to organize itself, a way how to communicate within an agreed frame of values. if you as an individual or group can´t commit to this definition you risk to be excluded. you will be called names e.g. being a fool.

this view implies that being a fool is somebody living outside a #system and has aquired different perspectives about life. watching the lifepath "fools" have gone through you can in a lot of cases see that this is the hard way to live life. if you call these beings "fools" or "black sheep" doesn´t really matter: it´s about their courage and conviction that moving along your own path beyond a societal

common denominator is worth the struggle. and it´s people like these that open the pathway to new, unknown territories.

it´s about compassion towards the unfolding of the mysteries of life - without a safteynet.

a jester has been an institutionalized part within a authoritarian system who HAD THE DUTY to speak freely in an atmosphere of submission. reminding the emperor that he is not the incorporation of absolute truth.

where on the path of human evolution has these jesters been left aside?

we are living in times where we need them - AGAIN!

coming back to individual daily life: taking the risk of being a fool (aka dealing with different perspectives than the herd) can open the doorway to deeper realms of life and reality.

because it´s the fools, the outsiders, the one´s that dare to think free, the misfits(as the movie directed by John Huston, written by Arthur Miller points out!) that break up the limitations of conventional thinking!

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